Mom’s Guide to Successful Remote Work: Ideas and Resources

Mom's Guide to Successful Remote Work: Ideas and Resources
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Mom’s Guide to Successful Remote Work: Ideas and Resources

The career landscape is ever-changing for women. Moms, in particular, now have more options than ever to both work and take care of a family without having to leave the home. While remote work, a term made increasingly popular during COVID has been around for years, this concept continues to expand as numerous high-level corporate roles and part-time jobs now offer many completely remote roles. 


The flexibility of remote work offers moms a way to continue to grow in their industry – or try a new one – while also earning money, being around for their kids, not being weighed down by the stress of commuting and/or having to deal with the financial burden of full-time childcare.  


Whether you are looking for project work, part-time or full-time opportunities, there are numerous options out there that allow you to grow, expand your skills, and earn money. Read on to check out some incredible work from home options that might be the perfect fit for you and your family.


Virtual Assistant

Over the years, many companies work with virtual assistants, or VA’s who provide administrative support. Generally, they operate as an independent contractor and perform a range of admin roles. This can include monitoring emails, data entry, organizing travel, research, writing, organizing and scheduling meetings, managing social media accounts, recording meeting notes, and more. As a virtual assistant, you will need a computer and a working phone as well as the basic skills per role, which can vary per company. Virtual assistants have to be very organized and generally work on a part-time basis. 

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Social Media Manager

Isn’t it incredible how this work-from-home job didn’t even exist 15 years ago? Today, every major brand – and small ones – have some form of social media presence. However, many brands, corporations, and independent leaders don’t have the time to manage their social media accounts and/or understand the intricacies of posting, along with its barrage of ever-changing rules. As a social media manager, you might be responsible for organizing and conceptualizing a content calendar as you plan and plot out the brand’s messaging and/or perfect its voice. 


This might also include planning and editing various lifestyle images and videos and/or creating branded posts. For some social media roles, this might involve some graphic design; however, many design platforms, such as Canva, are super user-friendly. Additionally, a social media manager also functions as a community manager, where you will be monitoring comments, utilizing hashtags, monitoring DMs, and growing the brand’s page/followers. This is a great job for someone who has both a visual eye and passion for marketing and writing as well as someone who can stay on top of trends and the ever-changing social media landscape. The best part about this role? All you really need is a phone!


Freelance Writer

This work from home option can offer moms who love to write a range of opportunities. This can include being a staff writer at your local newspaper, a niche writer (eg: recipe writer), a medical writer, and much more. Many freelance writers make a sustainable income by writing across various platforms. A simple way to start is to reach out to publications/websites you are familiar with and pitch them stories. Typically, you will need a few clips (stories of your work); however, with the boom of blogging and online platforms (eg: Substack), you can demonstrate your skills via your personal writing. Additionally, you can find remote writing roles that cover a range of titles, such as content writer, marketing content writer, digital specialist, and more. 


Copy Editor

If checking and organizing words is more of your set skill, then being a copy editor might be ideal for you. Many companies work with copy editors to ensure that grammar and punctuation is correct in a range of documents. In this role you might check the copy in graphics, print arts, websites, and more. As a freelance copy editor, you could work for multiple companies on a project basis or one as a part-time to full-time employee.



For moms who are good at typing, working as a transcriber might be ideal for you. In this role, you would be given audio or video files that you type up and organize. You can typically work on your own schedule for sites such as Transcribe Me and Rev


Accounting Clerk/Bookkeeper

If you have a penchant for organization and managing finances, becoming an accounting clerk or bookkeeper might be the perfect remote job. Similarly to a virtual assistant, bookkeeping is largely a remote position where you could work for a corporation or small business to help them manage their finances. Tasks may include organizing payroll, managing expenses, filing taxes,  managing debts and credits, entering data in spreadsheets, checking reports, checking pulling financial reports, and more. For this position, you will use bookkeeping databases, spreadsheets, and a range of financial software. 


Data Entry

Similar to a personal assistant, a data entry clerk works with a brand to organize and input information. This can fit a range of duties, such as excel entry, entering data into spreadsheets and company software, typing, or updating and/or maintaining records. For this role, you only need a computer. 

a remote job may be the best form of working whne you need some flexability to your day
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Graphic Designer

For those with an astute design eye, working as a freelance graphic designer could be perfect for you. As a graphic designer, you could work as an independent contractor where you find clients and/or work for a company where you provide your services. Typically, a graphic designer creates a range of images/graphics for social media, online ads, print ads, products, signage for stores, and/or websites. You should have a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and design programs.

Additionally, graphic designers work with clients to redesign or retouch their concepts. While you can learn graphic design skills in college, many people learn via online courses and/or by taking certification classes via programs such as Adobe. You will typically need to have a comprehension of a range of design software programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and/or Inkscape.


Health/Wellness Coach

With our more relaxed work from home landscape also came the boom of Zoom meetings, classes, and online coaching. This has also been seen in the wellness industry where many people book fitness, nutrition classes, and health coaching online. Incredibly, according to AFPA Health, Nutrition, and Fitness, “The Global Health Coaching Market Size was valued at $16,914.65 million in 2021 and is projected to reach $34,812.48 million by 2031.”


As the demand increases so will the need for more health and wellness coaches. Coaches do need credibility – whether that’s a robust online presence or a nutrition/food degree. Additionally, you will need a specific “sell.” This could be anything from offering personalized fitness classes, group nutrition, or a weight loss program.


Some health/wellness coaches may also work for companies, serving as a representative for the brands health message. This work from home opportunity does require a little more hustle to define your niche; however, it can be a fun and profitable one for those who are passionate about these topics.


Customer Service Representative

Today, many call centers have remote roles outside of the parameters of the company office. In this role, you act as a representative of the company, helping customers deal with a host of issues. This could include taking inbound calls, addressing customers’ questions about products and services, and processing payments or returns.


Online Teacher/Tutor

With the boom of online learning and homeschooling since COVID, many families have opted for online learning and/or supplemental with an online tutor. This flexible opportunity can have you teaching a range of subjects, such as language, math, and test preparation. Sites such as Varsity Tutors and are always looking for qualified tutors. 


Survey Taker

Only have a few hours to work every now and again? Consider working as a survey taker. This position allows you to earn money by providing your honest feedback. Online sites such as Branded Surveys; Swagbucks; and Pinecone Research allow you to create a profile where you answer and fill out surveys on your time. This remote option could also be a great way to add additional income to your family. 


Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

If you love pets, pet sitting and/or dog walking might be a good option for you. While you do have to leave your home, it is often only in your neighborhood as you walk local dogs. Pet sitting can also be a fun option for the whole family as you take care of different animals for a short period of time while also earning money. 

Remote work can also be found part time
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Work from Home Job Resources for Moms

Ready to find that perfect work from home job? These resources are a good place to start.

Mother Untitled

Founded by New York mom Neha Ruch, this site features a curated list of flex jobs specifically for moms who are “between full-time work and stay-at-home motherhood.” This includes a range of flexible opportunities where you can filter your search based on industry and the flexibility you need eg: Consulting, Contract, Freelance, Full Time, Hybrid, and/or Part-Time. Opportunities are updated regularly and only feature true work from home opportunities.

Freelancing Females

This site features a range of virtual opportunities. Here, you will find numerous opportunities, such as in marketing, copy editing, design, and much more. Additionally, opportunities can be filtered as freelance, part-time, or full-time; your preferred rate; and experience level.


The Mom Project

This digital marketplace is dedicated to job postings for moms! After you fill out a simple login form, you’ll find a range of fair pay and flexible jobs from major corporations. This includes a range of marketing, human resource, finance, design, and administrative jobs, to name a few “superpowers” as the site calls them. Opportunities can also be filtered by experience level, hours you can work, pay requirements, and more.



Founded by Olivia Howell, a single mom, marketing maven, and the co-founder of the Fresh Starts Registry, this list features a curated selection of remote marketing jobs. Here, you will find opportunities listed by day with recent listings calling for a managing editor, product designer, web designer, executive assistant, and much more.


Flex Jobs

As the name suggests, you’ll find a range of flexible job opportunities. The site does have a paid feature (ranging from $2.95-$5.95) where you will have access to a range of remote and hybrid opportunities. 


Varsity Tutors

For those looking to become a tutor, check out Varsity Tutors. The site is always looking for tutors for academic subjects, test prep, and enrichment such as art, music, and coding. To join, simply apply online via their simple signup form.


Tech Ladies

This site is decided to ensure that women in tech connect and find jobs. This includes opportunities in engineering, design, product management, marketing, and more. Users have to apply to have access to recent job postings. 


Up Work

Find a range of freelance opportunities on Up Work. This includes admin opportunities, design jobs, sales and marketing, writing, and IT support. Here, you can sign up for their free platform (they have enhanced features as well with a paid model) to discover one-time, part-time, and  full-time opportunities. 



This site showcases a range of work from home opportunities. This includes photography, web design, social media manager, web managers, and more.


Additionally, you can also filter ‘remote jobs’ on popular sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn. These searches are becoming the norm as more and more employers are understanding the importance of 


We all know that moms are (sadly) not paid for the 24/7 work we do for our kids. One of the best ways to be involved and around for your kids while still earning money—and growing in your career—is to work for a company that understands the importance of flexibility and values you both as a human and a mother. Numerous remote opportunities are out there, and we hope this list helps make your search a little easier.


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