Mommy, Music & Me, inc. in Queens since 2003 Changes Name and adds a New Location in Flushing

Music Together® with Music and Me, known as Mommy, Music & Me since 2003, starts the fall with a new name and an additional location in Flushing at the Queens Botanical Garden.

Its director and owner, Wendy DeAngelis, believes the mutual focus on child learning with QBG made the new expansion a perfect fit; the landscape would allow musical experiences to be drawn easily.

“So much of what we do supports all learning,” DeAngelis said. “We often sing about what is around us. With the beauty in the garden to reference, I believe it enriches the class in an exciting way.”

Mommy Music & Me was a name that people easily identified as a grownup child class with music. DeAngelis felt the name needed to better reflect what they have always been, a group that serves the entire family. The internationally loved program is about music, fun and community building.

With an 8th expansion under its belt, Music Together® with Music and Me continues to offer weekly classes as jumping off points to help make music a part of each child’s daily life. 

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