Mommy & Me Fashion By Nicky Hilton x Tolani

Nicky Hilton Rothschild; photo by Carlos Eric Lopez

Most #MillennialMoms know Nicky Hilton Rothschild from seeing her and her sister, Paris Hilton, come of age on magazine pages in the celeb gossip-saturated early aughts. Fast forward a decade or so and Hilton Rothschild can still be seen in plenty of magazines (case in point!), but she’s also happily married (she wed James Rothschild in summer 2015), a mama to 1-year-old daughter Lily Grace, and newborn daughter Teddy. She’s also launching a very special mommy & me capsule collection with the fashion label Tolani this February. [Scroll through the slider below to see some of the pieces!]

The limited edition Nicky Hilton x Tolani collection will feature 20 pieces, all 100 percent silk, including tops, shorts, and dresses. The sizing will include both women’s and girls’ sizing with the girls’ sizing ranging from toddler to tween; all the children’s pieces will be machine-washable. Having long been an admirer of Tolani, Hilton Rothschild was inspired to approach them about a mommy & me collection after having her first child in 2016.

“I think a ‘twinning’ moment is always sweet and fun, and it’s great for a photo,” she explains of the breezy, resort-chic looks. “I had seen a bunch of mommy & me lines out there, and I’d found that they were too fancy, so you could only wear them on a special occasion, or they were too expensive. So, when I was designing this line, I was really keeping in mind that I wanted to make comfy, fashionable, affordable clothes that you can wear every day.”

The boho-luxe vibe of the line is right in step with what style-savvy shoppers love about the Tolani aesthetic, all with plenty of Hilton Rothschild’s personality thrown in. “The collection is a mix of beautiful spring prints and colors on luxurious fabric,” explains Tolani designer Alka Tolani. “There is a certain level of sophistication that makes this line very different from other mommy & me collections. The prints are all very unique and exclusively designed by Nicky and myself. The styles and colors are very trend forward. Adults who don’t even have children also love to wear the pieces!”

All the prints—which range from serene blue-and-white combinations, to eye-catching pinks and oranges—are original creations made exclusively for the Nicky Hilton x Tolani collection—and many of them are inspired by Hilton Rothschild’s own photography, a special detail that she takes great pride in.

“I was very, very hands-on in developing all of the prints. A lot of them were inspired by my photos,” Hilton Rothschild explains. “One of the ones I really love is the Kate—the blue one. It was inspired by a photo I took in Capri of the Mediterranean-blue sea. And then the Paris one—with feathers—I love, too. I bought these antique feather earrings in France and we actually replicated them onto a silk screen to produce the prints. So all of the prints have a personal meaning to me.”

Given that the Tolani brand is inherently infused with its designer’s love for travel and global culture, as well as her childhood in India, the fact that Hilton Rothschild could bring favorite images and souvenirs from her life’s adventures made the partnership a great fit. “Nicky had great images from her travels that served as the initial inspiration for print and color design,” Tolani says. “We worked together daily for many months perfecting each piece.

Of course, when the collection hits shelves in February, what Tolani and Hilton Rothschild will be both be most proud of is the fact that all the pieces are easy to wear for both moms and their mini-fashionistas, and that they have an ineffable sense of playfulness and whimsy.

“I really wanted to make wearable children’s clothes that were comfortable. That was one of my main focuses and I think I’ve achieved that,” Hilton Rothschild says. “I’ve given samples to a bunch of my friends with children—and the kids love it because the prints are vibrant and fun.”

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