Mathnasium Launches Tutoring Plus Program

Mathnasium of Astoria, a math-only learning center, will offer a math tutoring program geared toward high school students beginning in September.

At Mathnasium of Astoria, no problem is too tough to solve. The Queens math-only learning center helps kids in second through 12th grades succeed at math all year-round, says center director Sully Chen. This fall, the center is adding a new tutoring program geared toward high school students.

The Mathnasium method of teaching begins with an on-site assessment, which is designed to identify areas where a child may be struggling. This short diagnostic is then used to implement a learning plan that will help the student build understanding and skills in those areas, Chen says. Each period of instruction lasts 1 hour, with 45 minutes allotted for the individualized curriculum and 15 minutes of homework help each day.

The center’s new Tutoring Plus program, which will be introduced in September, is designed to give students in eighth through 12th grades extra homework help, extending the regular program time to include 30 minutes of homework help. Students can register for this program beginning Sept. 1.

Mathnasium also offers a variety of test prep services at the Astoria location, including prep for the Regents tests, the SAT exam, and the Specialized Junior High School exam. This fall, the center will also offer prep for the in-demand Specialized High School exam, which is administered to students in eighth and ninth grades and will take place in October this year. 

The center is open Monday-Thursday from 12-3pm for office hours and 3-7pm for instruction hours, and on Saturdays from 10am-2pm. Registration is open now for the fall programs.

Main photo: Each student at Mathnasium gets an individualized program to help strengthen understanding of concepts.