Marvelous May Stuff

Most parents have heard of Montessori Education, but we realized that very few of them knew why it was special and who exactly Maria Montessori was.

It was with that realization in mind that we began to focus in our May issue on educating people as to what defined Montessori, and how it came about that early childhood education was established way back when in Italy.

Another interesting fact about Maria is that in addition to being the innovator of early childhood theories, she was also the first woman doctor in Italy. Maria was a force to be reckoned with and a role model for women who followed, as well as for educators.

Now there are other methods and approaches to the developing minds of little kids, and many other names have added to the theories and the possibilities, but Montessori was the first.

Also in our May issue we focus on ARTS FOR KIDS. Why? Because there is little doubt that early exposure to the arts, or art classes of some kind such as dance, music, drawing, theater, etc., is a positive developmental experience in every way. It opens the mind, the spirit, and the intellect of every person/child who gets involved and participates. It has been proven that children who are in the arts in some capacity are better students and more confident people.

Knowing that, we as parents have a responsibility to provide our youngsters with the opportunity to develop their interests and their talents. Music should be played in the home, and all kinds of music. Children should be introduced to a variety of artistic skills that may or may not strike their interest and their fancy. Without the exposure and encouragement from the home, they are at the mercy of the schools. As we all know, many of the struggling schools have been forced to eliminate the arts due to budgets.

Parents should never be totally reliant on the schools for the education of our youngsters, no matter how good the school and how enriched the curriculum. Most education, appreciation and opportunity begins in the home and parents have the duty to provide the intro for the love of anything to take root.

My family’s house has always been alive with all the arts. Visiting museums and attending performances of all kinds were a paramount part of my child’s education, and mine as well. Music is never absent and our house was not a house where the TV was always on, but the sound system was. My daughter studied an instrument, took dance, and acted in plays. It made a difference and she is an appreciative young adult with a fine intellect and loads of other creative friends. They are all enhanced by the vast possibilities that being New York City kids have offered.

I’m always proud to present this issue. Thanks for reading and enjoy!