Family-Friendly Martial Arts Studio Opens in Nolita

The Martial Arts Family Studio opened in Nolita on Sept. 12 and is a place for the entire family. Children’s classes will begin at 2:00pm, and are split into age groups of 3.5-4.5 years old, 4.5-6 years old, 6-10 years old, and 11-15 years old. Adult classes begin at 7:00pm.

Parents can enjoy their morning workout, while keeping an eye on their children in the next-door playroom through a glass window.

“This is pretty unique because nobody else is offering a space where parents can train in the same place that their kids are playing,” says founder Hererra Sanchez. This studio seeks to train and improve the body, mind and spirit through martial arts, while fostering a community for family.

An afterschool program will be available Monday-Friday for children. Program aids will help with homework and difficult subjects, play board games, and read with children while they wait to be picked up. This program aims to help children develop a sense of community and social responsibility by working on projects that can be shared with people in need.

Martial Arts Family Studio aims to bring Martial Arts to the whole family. Martial arts is a form of self-defense and attack that is practiced for numerous reasons. It helps to develop self-esteem, discipline, and instills the respect of others, while boosting socialization and teamwork skills. Classes include Mommy-and-Me, morning kickboxing, self-defense realistic fighting method, boxing, therapeutic stretch, and yoga.

Full schedule classes began on September 17. The first class is free, and you can sign up for classes on the Martial Arts Family Studio website or in-person.