Marriott Bonvoy on the Power of Travel: Get Inspired for Your Next Family Trip!


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After over a year with little to no travel, we’re beyond excited to get back out there. Whether it’s a family vacay or romantic beach getaway, we’re ready to leave the city and explore. That’s why we couldn’t agree more with Marriott Bonvoy and how they’re “calling on the world to embrace the transformative power of travel as a vital pathway to growth, healing, and unity”.

What does this mean? Marriott believes travel is essential to fostering humanity and is championing travel with a renewed sense of purpose of not just to escape, but to discover – ourselves, each other, and the world everyone shares. And that feels more relevant than ever after this long period of not being able to explore the world. Think about your last pre-covid trip: sure, you had fun, but what did you learn? What did you discover about other people? What did you discover about yourself?

If you’re on board for a trip with Marriott Bonvoy, then we got the scoop for you on 10/10 family road trips. After launching a marketing partnership with the National Park Foundation last fall, Marriott Bonvoy invites you and your family to embark on an adventure! With hundreds of properties near National Parks, you can easily explore some of the nation’s most beautiful natural treasures. If you’re looking for a mountain-heavy hike, you might want to check out this Northeast mountain road trip. And if you vibe more with a ~luxury~ road trip, Marriott also recently teamed up with Quintessentially to serve up the best of the best when it comes to experiences. Think private kayaking, luxury yachts, horseback riding on the beach with a private photo sesh…need we go on?

As NYC parents, planning a family trip can sometimes be chaotic. Luckily, Marriott Bonvoy reminds us of just how powerful travel can be for kids and adults alike so we can push through the stress and feel inspired. Want to learn more for your next trip? Read on at marriottbonvoy.com!