Mamas We Love: Andrea L. Gerson’s Timely Children’s Book


Mamas We Love: Andrea L. Gerson’s Timely Children’s Book

Here at New York Family, we’re always on the lookout for Mamas We Love– inspiring New York mothers who are truly making a difference, whether that be through owning a business, guiding other mamas on social media, or simply killing it as a mom within their family! That’s why, when we came across Andrea L. Gerson, mother of three, grandmother of five, and author of the stellar children’s books No Fuss Guss and No Worry Murray, we knew we had to share. 

Gerson was an elementary school teacher for 35 years. In light of the global pandemic, we’ve come to learn just how important teachers are for our kiddos to grow and excel, so we were thrilled to hear about Gerson’s background in teaching. Gerson’s greatest joy was encouraging young children to become avid readers and enthusiastic writers, so she went on to write  children’s books herself with the help of Tender Fire Books. When asked about how teaching has influenced her career as a writer, Gerson describes how all of the things she taught her students– similes, repetition, climax, plot etc.– she then used when writing her own books.    

Between her kids, grandkids, and the kiddos at school, Gerson was always surrounded by children, whether at home or in the classroom. It’s no surprise then that No Fuss Guss and No Worry Murray are impressively intune with the experiences and mindset of little ones. Gerson drew inspiration from multiple aspects of her life while writing the book: her beloved dogs, her loving family and their devotion to one another, and of course, her passion for teaching elementary school kids. 

“My husband was a medical miracle,” says Gerson. “He’s had cancer, transplants, and our dog always sensed what people needed. Each day the dog would always go right over to my husband first.” Family means so much to Gerson, and her books convey just that. Gerson adds about No Worry Murray: “My grandchildren really helped me. They were an active part of this particular book.” Her grandchildren took photos of their dog, read over her book to give feedback, and much more. 

So what are Gerson’s books about anyway? No Fuss Guss tells the story of a black pug who lived a simple and happy life with his parents. That is, until his parents give birth to two baby twins. Suddenly, Guss’s life is turned upside down as his family moves into a new house and he adjusts to being to the big “brother”. Your little readers will love the heart-warming and hilarious illustrations by Iwan Yasin Agustin as they learn about the joy of change. This lesson has never been more timely as our kiddos have adjusted to virtual and at-home learning, switched up their daily routines, and have had a very different holiday season. We 100% recommend No Fuss Guss as your little one’s next read. 

No Worry Murray is about an adorable Bernadoodle who doesn’t quite know who he is yet: Bernese Mountain Dog or Poodle? Gerson says that No Worry Murray is “really about accepting who you. Be yourself, don’t worry!”. Your kiddos will love Murray’s goofy and loving personality as they learn about self discovery and self confidence. 

 Gerson’s creativity certainly shines throughout both books, from start to finish. While we definitely think her books should be at the top of your child’s reading list, we’re primarily interested in Gerson’s story– as a mother, grandmother, teacher, mother-in-law, wife, and author. Gerson embodies the joy and beauty of family, but with her many roles, she also reminds us New York mamas that we really can do it all.  

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