Lovable Shnook: A wee Valentine’s Day gift idea

A Shnook is a sweet Valentine’s Day gift idea for kids ages 3 and older. These collectable, ball-shaped creatures with two fluffy paws and wild, Troll-esque hair have touching slogans just right for this sweet holiday. For example, Shnuggles “gives cuddles so true,” and Shmiley, pictured, “brings happiness you can’t hide.” Even pulling the plush toy from its bubble and shaking it until it grows “eight times its size” is part of the fun. Then, kids can style their Shnook’s wild mane with the included comb, elastic bands, and barrettes. The Shnooks’ fairly flat packaging makes it conveniently portable alternative to screen time while traveling over this month’s school vacation.

Whether they’re with your child on the go or shnuggling up at bedtime, Shnooks are disarmingly charming.

Shnook by Zuru, $9.99, www.walmart.com.