Five Birthday Party Themes from Local Bloggers

Five local bloggers from the New York metro area share their favorite ideas—one’s they’ve executed themselves—for birthday party themes, decorations, and cakes.

We asked some of our favorite local bloggers to share photos of their kids’ shindigs. See five different ideas for birthday parties below!

 mermaid and shark party

Jennifer Garry, who blogs at, threw a mermaid and shark party for her daughter Samantha, 8. Jennifer wrote on her blog, “My mermaid-loving girl has a summer birthday, which was perfect for throwing a mermaid-themed party—although many of the activities could be done inside for a winter party too. Just encourage everyone to bring a bathing suit to make things feel extra beachy.”


western party

For her daughter Mia’s 3rd birthday, Anne Caminiti of, did a Western theme: “The party was a success and Mia loved her party—YEE-HAW!!!!!!!!!!”

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queens county farm museum birthday party

Stephanie Barnhart, who blogs at, decided to hold Maximo’s 3rd birthday party at the Queens County Farm Museum because he loves animals. She told us, “We ordered the cutest farm animal cake pops that my girlfriend makes, and then we gave away these cute little animal shaped recycled paper flower seeds with dissolvable pots with dirt off Etsy to keep the theme, and to also do something that is positive for the earth.”


lucha libra cake

Donna Ladd, a founder of the blog, served this cake at her son Charlie’s 5th birthday party, where the theme was Lucha Libra, a form of Mexican wrestling. Ladd also nodded to the theme in small, simple ways, including having wrestlers guard beverages (below).

lucha libra drinks



teenage mutant ninja turtles cake

It was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party for Nico, the 2-year-old son of Gina Notes, who blogs at “Turtle Power for the win,” she wrote on her blog. “He seemed to get into the theme, so I think it worked out well. I had a lot of fun crafting a few things in advance for the party.” Notes also made cake table decorations simply by using green balloons, colored tape, and googly eyes to create Raphael and Leonardo.

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