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  • The Legislation That Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Wants Passed

    Five Pieces of Legislation Kirsten Gillibrand Would Like to Pass in 2013

    By Whitney C. Harris

    Made In America: This bill incentivizes manufacturing here in the U.S. by acting as a federal funding competition that encourages local companies to expand or establish manufacturing operations and train workers.

    Paycheck Fairness Act: With the goal of establishing equal pay for women, the Paycheck Fairness Act will hold employers accountable for pay inequity and close loopholes they might use to shortchange workers while providing working women with access to training and help empower them to negotiate pay.

    Gun Trafficking Prevention Act: A timely and important piece of legislation, the Gun Trafficking Prevention Act will make gun trafficking a federal crime for the first time ever.

    Respect For Marriage Act: This will repeal the Defense Of Marriage Act and allow same-sex couples to marry and enjoy the same federal protections as heterosexual couples.

    Voter Empowerment Act: This act will effectively modernize voting laws by ensuring equal access to voting and registration for eligible citizens.

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