Learn Play & Grow with Oddbods this Holiday Season

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Bubbles, Pogo, Newt, Jeff, Slick, Fuse, and Zee are ready for the holidays! These quirky characters are the stars of Oddbods, the Emmy-nominated comedy series that celebrates the quirkiness of every kid. The Oddbods bunch always finds a way to turn everyday situations into extraordinarily funny events. In addition to a non-dialogue online comedy show, Oddbods is a collection of toys meant to bring warmth and fun into the lives of kids with all different interests and backgrounds.

The Plushies

You can welcome all seven of the Oddbods into your home with their stuffed dolls for infants, toddlers, and even grown ups! Perfect for both cuddling and play, the Plushies are huggable and durable, and they are sure to be your kiddo’s new favorite pillow–and best friend!

The Plushies are available on Amazon or www.oddbods.com in 7 styles and colors.

The House Playset

A classic dollhouse with that special Oddbods touch, the playhouse is the ultimate Christmas gift for kids ages 3 and up. This toy provides an immersive experience, with stickers and furniture kids can arrange to fit their own unique styles. The seven characters from the show have figurines that live in the playhouse, enjoying the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, backyard, pool, gardening area, and park bench. Whether it’s kept at home or transported somewhere new with its compact design and easy carrying handle, the House Playset is the perfect environment for kids to imagine, play, build, and learn.

The House Playset is available on Amazon or www.oddbods.com in two colors for kids ages 3+.

Eco Blocks

For the families in search of an eco-friendly toy for their home, the plant-based Eco Blocks are a perfect gift. 41 plant-based, toddler-friendly blocks allow every kid to build a world of their own. And who exactly will live in this world? Choose any of the seven Oddbods characters, whose wacky, wholesome personalities are designed to encourage emotional intelligence and acceptance. A Netherlands toy company called BiOBUDDi has patented Eco Blocks, so parents can rest assured that the blocks are free of plastic and oil-based synthetics. They will stay durable–and fun–for years to come. Start building your Plushies the kingdom they deserve. Order now to receive the Eco Blocks in 7 vibrant, non-toxic colors packaged in eco-friendly materials.

Eco Blocks are available on Amazon or www.oddbods.com for kids ages 2+.

Action Vehicles

To travel from their Eco Blocks kingdom back to the playhouse, the Oddbods will need proper transportation, of course. Luckily, Oddbods has released action vehicles that suit each character’s individual personality. Pogo prefers the Ice Cream Truck, Fuse is the mischievous driver of the Monster Truck, and Zee launches pizza from the Tractor! Kids and Adults will love these ideal Christmas presents!

Pogo’s Ice Cream Truck, Fuse’s Monster Truck, and Zee’s Tractor are available on Amazon.

Different is a Good Thing for Kids and Toys

Oddbods believes every child should learn, play, and grow without worrying about being different. This is why the seven quirky Oddbods characters have unique personalities for children to embrace and relate to. Parents can grow from collecting Oddbods, too, by gaining the tools and knowledge to nourish kids of all different kinds.

Oddbods believes there is a little odd in everyone, and it’s time to start embracing that. The Oddbods series and toys can be the perfect addition to your family this holiday season. Check it out!