Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to Win Free Credits at Luna Park with Your Report Card This Weekend

Summer is upon us, and there is no better way to celebrate than by visiting Coney Island’s Luna Park with your report card to get some free credits for the amusement park. But make sure you hurry–this sweet deal will only last until Sunday. Here’s how it works: Show up and make sure your child (who needs to be in kindergarten through college) has their 2019 report card on them. Once you give it to Luna Park’s guest services, they’ll evaluate how many credits your little one’s hard work has earned him or her. An A (90-100) earns four free credits while a B (80-89) will earn three free credits.

While you’re enjoying the festivities, check out Luna Park’s two new rides—Clockworkz and Atlantic Aviator—open just in time for summer. Clockworkz has earned itself the rep of a “family thrill ride,” reaching a height of 33-feet and rotating on a vertical axis while its arms swing in a circular motion at 13 revolutions per minute— hold on tight! Atlantic Aviator is perfect for the kids who are looking for a bit more daring of an amusement park experience. This 51-foot mammoth of a ride doesn’t shy away from looping, dipping, and reaching speeds of up to 25 revolutions per a minute.

“With the celebration of a new summer season and a fresh beginning for two new rides, we are excited to grow and to continue to provide quality entertainment for the millions of visitors that come through every year,” Alessandro Zamperla, president of Central Amusement International, said. “We look forward to embracing the legacy of Coney Island by bringing new and exhilarating attractions like Clockworkz and Atlantic Aviator to Luna Park.”

For more information about trading in your report card for some free credits this weekend at the iconic Brooklyn carnival, visit