The Language Workshop Provides Families With Childcare in Their Native Language

The Language Workshop is now offering childcare services to New York families who would like a nanny that speaks their native language.

A Language Nanny is not only a native speaker, but a nurturing figure ready to share his or her culture with your children, says owner, François Thibaut. Nannies are taught how to engage emotionally with the children to strengthen the link between emotion and memory and to make sure the child has a fruitful language learning experience, says Thibaut.

The nannies are handpicked candidates whose experience in childcare shows the importance of immersive play and emotional engagement when it comes to early language acquisition and families can choose to have the nanny in their home full-time or part-time.

Language Nannies are also fluent in English to ensure the safety of the child when they are being cared for.

In addition, to helping parents find the perfect nanny, The Language Workshop also offers them an Introduction to Language Development training and coaching, so that they can also help their children learn in multiple languages.

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