Land of Mothers: How These Moms Find Solace During COVID

Photo: Pexels Stock/Elijah Odonnell

Land of Mothers: How These Moms Find Solace During COVID

Now that school has started, and moms have worked to get into a rhythm, one of the many things I have heard from my fellow friends is that they are going about their day, yet there are days when we all miss other mothers’ connection. I personally will find myself a bit sad. I let myself ride it out, remind myself that life has changed, and the relationship I had daily with other mothers has become a rarity and now more of a reason to cherish. This is not gloom nor depression, and we all enjoy happy moments, but there is a sense that something feels a bit adrift. If you feel this way, you’re not alone. Although experts (hello, we love e-therapy) can share how to manage these moments, it is also helpful knowing how other moms are working through their funks in the time of COVID. We asked a few moms to share what brings them some joy, whether it is in self -care, connecting with friends, or just taking in the quiet of the morning.

“My girlfriends and I have made a habit of finding a funny parenting meme or short video and sharing it via text at the start of each week. It’s a great way to laugh and remind ourselves that we are all in this together, and though we might not see each other, we are still there for each other.”
Denise Courter of Fidi Families

“It’s been madness during COVID with homeschool and working! But I do take a class (usually playwriting) once a week where I have some semblance of “me time” in my basement.”
Serena Norr,  writer and New York Family Contributor, @weekendjaunts,@norternwestchestermoms

“Keeping my hands busy has been a game-changer for me! I’ve gotten pretty crafty during the pandemic, and so after I put my daughter down to sleep, I pull out my lanyard or beads, and I just start making things. Then I send them to my closest girlfriends, my mom, sister, and cousins. It gives me an excuse to write them a handwritten note and send them something I made with my own hands. It’s a solitary act that ends up being something that connects me to them.”
Writer and New York Family Contributor, Cris Pearlstein

“My self-care check in to step away from the sadness is through music and movement. I’m going to be doing a LOT of that this winter, lol.”
Natasha D’Anna of TwinDollicious

“I put on makeup when I go out, even if it’s just to grab a coffee or run an errand. It makes me feel good about myself and maintain some semblance of normalcy.”
Tricia, writer, and editor of

“I think the phrase that I keep coming back to is one that was shared with me as a new mom navigating my way, and that is put on your oxygen mask first. As mothers, we are continually giving and taking care, but we need to remember to take care of ourselves as well. If we don’t take time to breathe and refuel, we’ll start to break down and not be able to take care of everyone else as well. Self-care is so different for everyone; for me, it usually means doing some kind of movement, whether it be high intensity for even 15 minutes, or doing something that is just for me and my sanity. It’s also taking time to be creative and sit down to make something. For you, it might be getting into bed earlier than usual with a good book or watching a show. I would say that self-care should leave you feeling fuller (30 mins on IG isn’t going to do that). Making a little time and committing to it is important; the days I don’t get it done are the days I feel most guilty and least accomplished.”
Sasadi Odunsi, Brooklyn Bead Collective, and Ambassador for Every Mom Counts

“After months of being in survival mode, I’ve found that carving out “me-time” is crucial when most of the day is spent doing brain gymnastics between work and parenting. For me, that means getting up a little earlier for an early morning walk when the streets are still quiet. There’s no motive other than to move and be with my surroundings.”
Kaity Velez, parenting writer, and creative strategizer


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