Broadway’s “King Kong” Will Captivate Your Kids

What is it about this giant beast that makes every director’s imagination run wild? Will he ever be tamed? Will media ever leave him be? Ever since it first appeared on a TV screen in 1933, King Kong has become a vital part of the American pop culture, even despite the many social issues and controversies it represents. After nine movies and one theater production, King Kong is returning to New Yorkbut this time, instead of the Empire State Building, he is dead-set on conquering Broadway.

By the effort of book writer Jack Thorne, director Drew McOnie, and songwriter Eddie Perfect, King Kong has come to life at the Broadway Theatre. As the creature first towered above the stage, larger than life itself, the entire audience gasped at his 20-ft-tall body, enormous paws, and vulnerable, emotional face. The kids were not an exception. Such a vivid reaction from the younger audience made it clear that the show was bound to become the Broadway’s next big hit, especially among New York’s families. King Kong looked so real on stage that he made kids forget this was just a showwhat else can parents ask for?

Aside from Kong, the play explores the relationship between actress Ann Darrow (Christiani Pitts) and film director Carl Denham (Eric Morris), who chose Skull Island as the setting for his new motion picture. Once Ann and the film crew reach the land, their adventures begin, and Kong becomes the main source of action when he abducts the actress—only to show her his true self. This, however, doesn’t save Kong from falling victim to human greed, as the search for money and stardom leads Carl and Ann to capture Kong and present him to the New York’s public. The rest is history. But King Kong’s animalistic entity combined with human pain make this history shine in an entirely new light.

While King Kong’s story has been the focus of many motion pictures and books, it is the first time this giant beast made it to Broadway. And this time, Kong is here to stay. Once the performance starts, this giant puppet will make your kids believe in magic and captivate them until the very end.

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