Kidz Bop Live: A Fun, Exciting & Memorable Concert Experience for Kids of All Ages

group of hip kids on a pink step and repeat

Kids of all ages had the best time ever singing and dancing at Kidz Bop Live! The Kids performed their biggest hits live on stage for their biggest little fans! We celebrated the grand finale of KIDZ BOP Live 2018, the most successful tour in KIDZ BOP’s history, at the Beacon Theatre on Sunday. It was a really big show! Plus, it’s an incredible first (or second or third) concert experience for the younger set complete with cool costumes, super special effects, and endless fun.  Each show is unique and amazing and there are always fun surprises in store.

The concert is designed for the whole family and gives kids and their parents alike the opportunity to dance and sing throughout the interactive show. There was a lot of dialogue between the kids and the audience and the crowd loved every second! Everyone was encouraged to sing along into their light-up Kidz Bop microphones and dance like it’s their job in the aisle. There’s even friendly competitions amongst the audience, sing-offs, parent dance battles (expect crazy dance moves like the chicken), and lots of family-friendly fun (think giant beach balls and confetti to name a few).

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Throughout the concert, you’ll be transported from Kidz Bop Middle School where the Kids “Shake It off,” complete with physical lockers and digital school house displays to the beach with palm trees and tropical touches in “Havana.” The whole concert is mesmerizing for the audience to see their favorites perform before their eyes. From piano and guitar playing to drumming and acoustic renditions of your fav Kidz Bop songs, you’ll “Shut Up And Dance” along from start to finish.

We chatted with Cooper and Ahnya to get an insider’s scoop on the show. Cooper told us that this show was different from other Kidz Bop live productions since there was more dancing (fans really like it) and there’s even more energy. The fans always have a great time and the Kids do, too. Cooper said his favorite part of taking the stage is looking out in audience and seeing all the hands in the air and everyone having a blast.

Every fan has a favorite song and so do the Kids. Ahnya’s favorite songs from the show are “Sorry Not Sorry” because everyone is up and dancing. There are lots of emotions in each song throughout the concert. Ahnya told us, “The song “Perfect” is a really amazing scene where everyone is just putting their hands up in the air and singing along with us and it’s just emotional to us since it’s amazing seeing everyone so happy. It’s a good feeling!”

Does your little one dream of being the next Kidz Bop kid and want some expert advice? Cooper says, “It’s a lot of fun but never give up on yourself and always know that you can do it and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Don’t let anybody put you down and be the best you can be and work as hard and prove to anybody that thinks you can’t that you can do it!” Ahnya added to make sure that follow your dreams, have fun and do what you love to do!

Cooper added when asked three words to encapsulate Kidz Bop, “Fun exciting memorable!” And we couldn’t agree more! What’s next for Kidz Bop after the grand finale? You can head to Hard Rock Punta Cana for a Kidz Bop Experience.

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