Kids ‘N Comedy Classes Give Kids the Opportunity to Perform at Gotham Comedy Club

Evan Breckman has a connection to comedy and is given the opportunity to channel this passion by performing at the Gotham Comedy Club through Kids ‘N Comedy, founded by Jo Ann Grossman and Stu Morden. Kids ‘N Comedy teaches kids ages 11-18 how to write and perform stand-up comedy while welcoming them into a community of comedians where they are free to be themselves.

Evan, along with the other students at Kids ‘N Comedy, creates all of the material for his jokes.

“A lot of the kids aren’t going to go into stand-up comedy, but they are going to do well because they can write, they can think, and they can make people laugh,” says Morden. 

The Kids ‘N Comedy staff is made up of New York writers and comedians that want to provide the comic experience they missed out on as kids to today’s youth. The staff aims to teach kids how to public speak, how to feel confident, and how to find their voice. 

“They walk out [of this program] and they’re totally different adults than they would have been if they hadn’t done this,” says Grossman.

Kids ‘N Comedy offers classes, advanced workshops for kids already in the program, and summer camps. Registration for the 2019 summer camp is now open to children ages 10-18. Camps are held Monday-Friday, 12-4pm for 2 weeks. Shows are held September through May and the next show is at 1pm on March 31 at the Gotham Comedy Club.

Main image: Evan Breckman has been taking classes and coming to summer camp with Kids N’ Comedy since he was 10 and is one of the kids in the troupe who performs in monthly shows for the general public. 

Courtesy Kids ‘N Comedy