Just In Time For Grandparents Day, 92Y Announces Formation Of The Grandparents Center

Come celebrate the grand opening of the Grandparents Center at the 92nd Street Y on National Grandparents Day on September 10. The center is the new community hub designed for grandparents to be able to focus on their individual needs, socialize, and participate in activities with other grandparents and create cherished memories with their grandchildren.  

Grandparents want to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives, but realize that parenting methods and practices have changed since they raised their own children. They refer back to the traditional methods of child rearing which can create unintended tension between grandparents and new parents. The Grandparents Center can solve those problems by providing classes and workshops that use modern techniques and negotiate conversations that can otherwise be fraught with anxiety. These classes will also address a grandparent’s needs for more financial planning, since their medical costs impact their grandchildren’s financial future.

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“While there are many groups and websites for grandparents, there is nothing quite like this new invaluable resource. With more than 2,000 families participating in a variety of classes at 92Y’s Parenting Center, the Grandparents Center aims to widen the focus to nurture this vital inter-generational link,” said Sally Tannen, director of 92Y’s Parenting Center, who is both a mother of four and grandmother of three.

The classes and informative workshops that are featured at the center include refresher courses in baby and childcare that combine wisdom with today’s philosophies and techniques, guidance on financial planning, beginner classes on social media, and advice on navigating tricky relationships with in-laws. Additional workshops for new parents, competitive grandparents, advice on balancing work and a social life, cooking, arts, and community activities with grandchildren will also be offered. 

For the schedule of classes and more information please visit 92Y’s website.