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Kadie Flye is the mother of the Flye Baby, an invention that will revolutionize airplane travel for families. She wanted to invent a device to alleviate the strain of traveling by plane with a baby on your lap. The result is the Flye Baby, a clever bed-seat that holds a baby up to 25 pounds. It allows face-to-face interaction with Mom or Dad, while the parent’s hands are free to play, feed, or even do a super fast diaper change. The hammock is secured on one end by the tray table in front of the parent, and on the other end, straps around the parent’s waist. The baby is attached in a five-point harness. The Flye Baby Infant Travel Seat can only be used during cruising, not during take-off or landing, and can be compactly folded, stored, and carried in its own pouch. Now, when you’re choosing your family’s next vacation destination, the sky’s the limit.

Flye Baby Infant Travel Seat by SCS Direct, $49.95,

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