Juni Learning: The 1:1 Tutoring, Mentorship, and Real-World Prep My Kids Were Craving

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Some of us may have past childhood memories of coming home from school and eating a snack while working on homework with our parents. Alas, now with kids of our own- we know we want the same things for our children. But if quarantine taught us anything, kids benefit tremendously from 1:1 instruction and real-world skills. Enter: Juni Learning.

What is Juni, and why do families love it so much? 

Juni Learning provides online math, science, and English classes for learners ages 7 through 18. These 50-minute classes are designed to give students a jumpstart in the real world. With classes on topics including coding, public speaking, and trigonometry, Juni helps children learn after the regular school day is done. The best part is that kids are thrilled by the lessons -students love working with their tutors every week and building a relationship with someone they can trust. And after a year plus of remote or blended learning kids will be inspired to join clubs and go to events based on their interests and hobbies. Parents will appreciate the detailed notes after each session which will help them keep up with what my kids are learning and exploring with their instructors.

Juni is different than traditional tutoring

Juni offers more than just tutoring services; it builds a community of diverse learners to motivate, support, nurture, and collaborate with each other. With curricula focused on creativity and discovery, Juni learners are constantly inspired to think outside the box and beyond traditional classroom lessons. Instructors are from top US universities, and they are specifically matched to fit each learner’s unique learning needs and interests. This individualized instruction and mentorship helped Juni earn the EdTech Breakthrough Award for Best Tutoring Solution in 2021. Plus, the online access, flexible scheduling, summer programs, and various membership options make Juni easy for both parents and kids to fit into their busy schedules.

The founders of Juni understand what my kids need

Vivian Shen and Ruby Lee founded Juni in 2017 to provide the educational opportunities they wish they’d had growing up. Vivian and Ruby each had a hunger to learn more than they were learning in school as kids. Perhaps more importantly, they wanted to learn differently than they were in school. Looking back, they recognize how much they would have benefited from being able to pursue their curiosities, to learn in a way that actively fostered relationships and creativity. They wanted business and computer science courses, but their schools didn’t offer them. They had the desire to learn but no way to fulfill it. Vivian and Ruby genuinely get it. They inherently understand the importance of exposure to new subjects that kids need to be inspired and, most importantly, supported with all different interests, strengths, and backgrounds.

Parents can learn from Juni, too

In addition to helping kids develop their academic and creative skills, Juni allows parents to learn alongside their children. Every Juni lesson comes with detailed session notes for parents, which are educational and provide great conversation starters to talk about these new topics as a family. Learning new topics alongside your kids – what could be better than that?

To sign your children up for the new educational opportunities provided by Juni Learning, you can visit their website.

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