Joyous Music School to Offer Beginner Music Classes at new Hicksville Location

Starting on November 1, Joyous Music School will offer its beginning level music classes for children ages 3 to 6 at its new Hicksville location. This non-committal program is geared to prepare young musicians for next level individualized training. Classes will be held once a week and will be 45 minutes long. 

Joyous Music School is a prestigious music school that trains pianists, composers, and musicians. Led by an esteemed team of instructors, the school offers private training as well as beginner and intermediate level programs and courses in theory, composition, and musicianship. The international sesation Joyous String Ensemble could be characterized as the crux of the school’s continous efforts to nurture its students toward excellence.

Made up of young musicians who have been playing since they were 3 years old, the Joyous String Ensemble holds an impressive list of accolades in popular and classical circuits alike. Viewers of Ellen DeGeneres’ show may have seen the Joyous String Ensemble’s performance back in 2014, though this was certainly not its last TV appearance. Recently, the ensemble completed filming of a special performance for David Osmond’s show Wonderama. The Joyous String Ensemble has also performed at the Lincoln Center Festival and the Ravinia Festival in Chicago, the oldest outdoor music festival in the country. Most notably, in 2015 the ensemble was invited to give a special performance for President Obama at the 2015 National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the White House.

Students in the beginner level music program in Joyous Music School Long Island will have the chance to play songs that they enjoy in addition to classical music. Instructors create string arrangements of popular songs, and currently the school has over 100 songs in its database, all original arrangements.

 “Learning the traditional way—practice and repeat, practice and repeat—makes it very hard for a child to have fun,” says Julian Yu, director of Joyous Music School and pianist and composer. “We want to focus less on practice and more on playing.”

Joyous Music School is located in 21 Jerusalem Ave, Hicksville. For more information, visit the Joyous Music School website or contact the school directly at 888-628-9865 or [email protected].

Image Courtesy Joyous Music School