It’s Not Too Late for Private School at Léman – Now with Bus Service from Brooklyn

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Interested in private school for this September but not sure where to start? It’s not too late to explore Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, located just over the river in the historic Financial District. All students will learn full-time in person at Léman this fall.

Nearly 20 percent of Léman families live in Brooklyn. To accommodate the school’s growing number of Brooklyn families, Léman is launching a new private bus service for students from Brooklyn in Kindergarten through 8th grade starting in the 2021-2022 school year.

In addition, Léman recognizes affording a private education can be a challenge for many families. They make private school accessible to a wide range of families across income levels with a supportive tuition assistance program. With a mission to provide quality education to their students, Léman wants to ensure that every eligible student has the ability to experience their top-notch program.

Part of what makes Léman Manhattan so special is their commitment to academic excellence and a strong sense of community. They offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, a curriculum highly regarded for its ability to provide a high quality college preparatory education. Universities across the globe recognize and respect the IB program, giving their students a potential leg-up in what can be an incredibly stressful application process. In fact, the school notes that 80% of graduates are accepted into highly selective colleges and universities.

In addition to serving as an IB school, Léman is also the only boarding program in New York City and is also one of few schools that serve students throughout their entire educational career – from toddlers to 12th grade. With a local and international student body (over 70 nationalities represented), hands-on approaches to learning, and an active and diligent focus on community service, Léman has been preparing students for an interconnected world since 2005.

Learn more about Léman Manhattan here. There’s never been a better moment to introduce your child to their diverse community with an exceptional global education.

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