It takes a village

Since moving closer to my family a few months ago, I’ve noticed how much I had missed spending time with them. We used to be separated by a 45-minute trip, but now, I’m five minutes driving distance from both of my parents; a great advantage when you need a last-minute sitter!

I didn’t notice it so much before, but since spending all this extra time with my family, I realize how great it is. My parents tell me how happy they are to be able to see their granddaughter more often.

Every now and then, we’ll drop in and have dinner or even have a quick chat and just that little bit of time makes a difference.

I feel like Olivia really knows everyone, and they get to see her grow up. My siblings get to play with their niece, and we even see our extended family a lot more, too.

Weekends are filled with family BBQs, picnics, and play dates with other kids. I realize how being closer to family has helped her be (even more) social.

When I was younger, I was lucky enough to live with my grandfather for some time, and he was a very active granddad. We played together, ate together, talked — and his favorite — took walks together. We walked everywhere, and he talked to me about life. He even let me play solitaire with him, one of his favorite pastimes.

As a result, we were very close, and I’m sure my mom loved the fact that I got to know and love her father as much as she did.

I’ve always believed that “it takes a village to raise a child.” When I was living further away, I didn’t know what I was missing. Now, I would hate to move away from my family.

I love that Olivia gets to watch afternoon cartoons with her grandfather. She has pajama parties with her grandmother, and my sister loves taking her to the park. My brother, her godfather, is always playful, but firm with her when she misbehaves.

At least once a week we have a big family dinner, and when my husband and I want to have a date night, we have the most qualified babysitters in town.

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