It figures

Dad’s data

Percent of dads who say moms are treated better on Mother’s Day than dads are on Father’s Day: 84

Percent of people who consider Ben Stiller the best celebrity dad: 39

Percent who consider Brad Pitt their favorite: 25

Number of hits from Googling “mother:” 312 million

Number from Googling “father:” 270 million

Percent of an average man’s sperm that’s normal and healthy: More than 30

Percent of normal, healthy sperm in triathlete males, presumably from miles spent on a bike saddle in tight shorts: Less than 10

Travel trivia

Percent of parents who say their kids are very involved in planning family vacations: 43

Percent who say the adults decide when and where to go: 11

Percent who consider family vacation a time for “fun, action and adventure:” 67

Percent who consider it a time for “rest and relaxation:” 18

Percent of parents who say they would take their children out of school for a family vacation: 39

Percent who say they would never do that: 11

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