In the Magazine: September 2018

Check out what we have in store for you in our September issue, from dealing with friendship breakups to the hottest kitchen trends of 2018. And you won’t want to miss our articles on the benefits of baby classes, the rights your child has in school, and how one family said a bittersweet and beautiful good-bye to their foster daughter. Find crafts, day trips, top apple picking destinations, and the most relatable parenting quotes on the web right now in this guide to our latest issue.



Help Your Young Learner Thrive

different learning styles

Find out what type of learning style your child has and how you can help her use it to her advantage.
After-School Planner

See the best after-school classes for kids in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, and Rockland counties.

Education Planner

Find the schools and academic enrichment programs in your neighborhood, be it Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, or Rockland counties.


Family Life

Saving for Higher Education

saving money for college

Here are five key ways to start financial planning for college.

Kitchen: Trending

kitchen trends

Don’t miss these five trends in interior design this year.


Things to Do

Family Fun in Manhattan
cirque de soilel

The best events in New York City!

Squeezy Bottle Rocket Craft to Teach Kids Trajectory

crafts to teach kids about STEM

Use this cute, kid-approved craft to inspire a love of STEM.

Family Activities Calendar

the big chocolate show

Find what’s going on in your neighborhood.

Pick Your Own Apples in the New York Area

apple picking for families

Bowling Alleys

Amusement Parks

Zoos, Botanical Gardens, and Nature Centers


Raising Kids

Five Rights Your Child Has in School

rights in school

Learn what rights your kid has in school, whether he’s in kindergarten or high school.

A Farewell to My Foster Daughter

foster family

Here’s what happens when you don’t adopt your foster child.

The Benefits of Baby Classes

mommy-and-me classes

Believe it or not, mommy-and-me classes help babies socially and developmentally.

From Friends to Falling Out

teen girl left out

Losing friends as one grows up is normal, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Meet the Winners and Finalists of Our Cover Contest

cover contest 2018

Aren’t they the cutest?

Independent School Spotlight- United Nations International School

united nations international school

A unique way to learn in Manhattan.

Improving the Parent Nanny Relationship

parent nanny relationship

You don’t want bad blood with your child’s caretaker.


parenting cartoon

Only the best quotes and parenting cartoons for you guys.