‘I Can Do That!’ books enourage independence and creativity

These three charming interactive books from Gakken are popular in Japan. And they are now available for the first time in the U.S. They are

great for boosting skills over the summer. They are:

• Ideal for any-day play and quiet time.

• Perfect to pack for any car ride, flight, or train trip.

• Budget-friendly (and beloved) birthday and thank-you gifts.

“I Can Do That! Origami”

“I Can Do That! Erasable Art” by La ZOO

The illustrations of food, animals, clothing, and vehicles by La ZOO are designed to get little ones to use their imagination — and their fine motor muscles. Who wouldn’t want to decorate their dream doughnut, or give a zebra it stripes? Wipe-off pages hold crayon beautifuuly and can be wiped clean easily with a paper towel so little artists can make their mark again and again. (Wet-erase and dry-erase makers also work on the pages.)

“I Can Do That! Origami”

Children as young as 3 years old can follow simple instructions for cutting and folding to transform an elephant into a teapot, make a hippo roar, and turn a car into a dessert. The activities are clever and surprising and help to build focus, encourage children to follow sequential directions, and enhance fine motor muscles.

“I Can Do That! Sitckers”

Matching and counting names, mazes, picture puzzles, and other fun activities will keep preschoolers entertained for hours. What’s more, these value-packed pages help children ages 3 to 5 build problem-solving, number sense, fine motor, and reasoning skills while they play. Plus, the 350 reusable stickers in the book can be enjoyed again and again.

Each book $9.99 and suitable for ages 3 and up.

“I Can Do That! Stickers”