HPV Vaccine for New York City Elementary School Kids

The health of the children of New York is so important. That’s why parents should be up to date with the developments concerning their safety. As a preventative measure, two legislative proposals would require elementary school children to be immunized against HPV, a sexually transmitted virus. 

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HPV Vaccine for New York City Elementary School Kids

If the proposal succeeds, it would apply to children born since Jan. 1, 2009. It would require parents and guardians to give written proof from a doctor that they vaccinated their children. This proof would have to be provided before 14 school days pass into the new school year. However, exceptions can be made for students who transfer between schools. A related bill would allow health care practitioners and physicians to vaccinate kids under 18 years old for STDs without permission from their guardians.

It makes sense for parents to have some anxieties about the decision. Naturally, parents want the best for their kids. Overseeing what type of treatment they receive is part of that. However, according to Newsday, HPV has been contracted by 80 million Americans. The virus is actually so common that nearly everyone will contract it within their lifetime. Lawmakers see the vaccine requirement as a way to protect the future of kids by eliminating the chance to even contract the virus. If many people receive the vaccine, it could effectively eradicate HPV. 

If you’d like to know more about the progress of the bill, you can read about it here.