Hofstra University Continuing Education Adds a New Course

This fall, Hofstra University Continuing Education is introducing a new course, Internet Hardware Hacks: IoT (Internet of Things), for middle and high school students.

The course integrates the Internet with hardware that students build themselves, learning the connection between various aspects of technology and how it communicates with each other. All-encompassing of a well-rounded education, the course is also designed to build confidence in the students and promote teamwork with peers and instructors. 

Jay Mir, one of the designers and instructors for the course, says that the course gives the students the skills they will need to adapt to the ways technology is rapidly growing. “I personally feel that these kids are going to need it when they get to college and the workforce because programs are everywhere, software is everywhere, you are using computers no matter what job you are at,” says Mir.

Designed for grades seventh to 12th, this course takes place for two hours on Saturdays starting in October for a total of eight sessions. The class is typically capped at 15 or 20 students to ensure each student is given ample attention, but there will be multiple sessions and times to register for the course.

“We need to keep pushing these kids. The only way we are going to help them is by pushing them and making them believe in themselves,” says Mir. “We have to do that through education and experimenting and playing.”


Photo Courtesy Jay Mir