High School Students Can Volunteer at Mathnasium Math Nights

As of this September, high school students can volunteer to help run stations at Mathnasium Math Nights to acquire community service hours Math Nights are set up at various elementary schools with ten stations featuring different games and activities enabling kids to learn mathematical concepts. 

All games are related to math in some sway. For instance, one station offers a card game related to numbers and counting. Parents are also welcomed at the Math Nights so that they could be involved in creating a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere where their kids are practicing math under no pressure. Math Nights are free of charge to schools.

Peter Abrams, owner and center director of Mathnasium of New Hyde Park, said that he decided to start offering these hour and a half Math Nights in an effort to enable kids to learn mathematical concepts through fun games.

“Math nights are an opportunity for us to give back to the community,” says Abrams “They’re done at no charge and with no obligations, and what we do is we set it up at the schools where there’s ten stations of all different games and activities for kids to do.”