One-Stop Shopping For Safe Pregnancy Essentials: healthy mama

logoOne evening, after not being about to reach her OB/GYN and after an overwhelming, and ultimately failed Google search for safe-to-use products for ailing pregnant women, the six-month-pregnant Rachel Katz-Galatt headed down to the pharmacy just under her New York City apartment to see if the pharmacists could be of better help.

As it turns out, they weren’t. Katz-Galatt and her husband helplessly walked up and down the aisle trying to figure out which products were both safe for the baby and effective in regards to all the many ailments nobody really warns pregnant women about. And so the inspiration for healthy mama — a product line of safe vitamins and pain relievers for pregnant women, took root.

That night in the pharmacy — like a scene out of a commercial — Mr. Galatt turned to his wife and said: “I just can’t believe there’s not a brand for pregnant woman that lets you know what’s the safest products to take.” Cue opera singers and bright, halo-esque lights because this moment marks the beginnings of healthy mama.

After that  night, Katz-Galatt began almost immediately researching this idea. She discovered that while some sites deemed products safe for pregnant or nursing women, others considered them unsafe, and most importantly, Katz-Galatt said, “There truly wasn’t a complete brand of products for her so that she had the convenience and the peace of mind knowing what was the safest products for her to take during pregnancy and nursing.”

At the time, Katz-Galatt was working at a company as marketing and brand development director. There she was able to do some market research and after receiving a tremendous amount of positive responses, Katz-Galatt felt that this idea was worth it to leave her job and focus all her attention on launching a company for it.

Maternal Science Inc. was created in August of 2013 with a mission to provide pregnant and nursing women with one single brand of safe remedies. All products are FDA approved and made in America.

In October of 2013, the company launched the healthy mama brand at Buy Buy Baby. Katz-Galatt and her team came up with six different products (though there are now eight products and product sets available for purchase online) creatively named by Katz-Galatt and her friends and family so that mamas-to-be could have a product they identify with on both a personal and emotional level.

“Be Well Rounded” is a vitamin and DHA system. “eaZZZe The Pain” works quickly to relieve those aches and pains at night and get a restful sleep. The calcium rich product “Tame The Flame” eliminates heartburn, indigestion, and upset stomach. “Boost It Up!” is their best-selling product and the first ever energy drink for pregnant women. It’s packed with protein, b-vitamins, electrolytes, ginger, and fiber. Because coffee and energy drinks are often frowned upon for pregnant or nursing women, this product is a healthy alternative and has also been proven to cure the nausea of morning sickness and help women get on with their day faster.

The brand, however, is not just about the products. They take it one step further and on all of their products provide a toll-free number for the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS). OTIS helped to create healthy mama’s fact sheets about the ingredients in their products and are available to speak to 24/7 should the women have any further questions or concerns.

After prematurely giving birth to her first child who then had to spend five months in the hospital, Katz-Galatt has also made it a priority to give back to the causes that work to prevent other mothers from having to go through this same plight. The company has recently been given approval to forge a national partnership with the March of Dimes Foundation.

Katz-Galatt and her team are now working to expand their product line. The ultimate goal, said Katz-Galatt, is to have shelf space in the aisles specifically for pregnant and nursing women. “We want to make sure she’s being serviced, that she feels good about what she’s taking and putting in her body.”