Happy Family’s Guide To Superfoods

cookbook2__Shazi Visram is the woman behind the organic food machine that is Happy Family. Her company, where she serves as “head mom,” is leading the way in organic baby and toddler foods. In addition to the line of baby food products sold in stores, which range from foods for pregnant women to kids, Happy Family is debuting their first cookbook, Organic Superfoods Cookbook For Babies & Toddlers, for parents who like to DIY recipes in the kitchen. Visram’s first day off of maternity leave was spent in a test kitchen in NOMAD where she demoed some of the most popular recipes from the cookbook created with Cricket Azima, of the Creative Kitchen. With adorable visuals and a nutrition overview, this cookbook has everything a health conscious parent needs. Visram had some insight to share on the cookbook and other tips for new mamas.

What is your number one tip for new moms on living a healthy lifestyle in addition to buying your products?

Honestly, it’s not about our products at all, it’s about embracing health for your child and every decision you make for them in terms of feeding. For new moms, it’s all about making sure they are creating the best breast milk possible so we should focus on eating healthy fats, organic foods and making sure to get enough calories. Healthy fat helps to grow the baby’s brain and that, and love is what they need right now.

Why did you decide to create the Organic Superfoods Cookbook For Babies & Toddlers cookbook?

We at Happy Family really want young families to embrace a life of health and wellness for their families. We want them to really connect with food and get involved in the process because it’s fun and builds a lifetime of memories in the kitchen with your family. I could care less if someone doesn’t buy prepackaged Happy Family products again if all families eat together, cook together, and focus on sustainability, then my job would be done.

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Where do most of the recipes in your book come from?

You’ll see a number of our recipes for baby food purees that we sell published right in the cookbook. Cricket Azima has helped assemble recipes we know are surefire wins. There is also this whole new layer of fun things for toddlers which we know to be ridiculously picky. You can trust that the health profile for these recipes is there as well as delicious flavors.

Which recipes are your toddler’s favorite?

The salmon balls–he’s a salmon fanatic and the sunflower seed, banana, maple wraps recipe which uses flax. Those are two total winners.

Have you faced any issues with your kids in the kitchen yet?

Toddlers are notoriously picky and the key is to introduce them to something at least 10 times in a small easy format. That method has worked with my son. If you want him to eat peas don’t put a bowl of peas in front of him. For three days and three meals put one or two peas on his plate. After three days, if he won’t eat it, forget about the peas.

Do you think that eating local or seasonal produce is as important as eating organic?

In the neurodevelopmental stage, which is up to three years old, organic food is super crucial. I think seasonal and locally grown organic food is the dream but it’s important that it’s sustainably grown and free from pesticides. You need to trust the source.

Shazi Visram

How have you seen the organic food industry change since starting Happy Family?

We’ve been around for more than ten years and the world is becoming more and more enlightened every day. Consumers are demanding more from their food, they want to know where it comes from, who grows it and why products are made the way they are. This rise in awareness, that we have helped to grow, is something I’m proud of.

Which superfood should definitely be in everyone’s pantry?

For me, it would be chia. Salmon too, for the health fats or omegas, Chia if you want a plant-based version.

Who can benefit the most from the Organic Superfoods Cookbook For Babies & Toddlers cookbook?

Ideally, parents who have the time to make the recipes. I think some parents will use the book differently than others. Read it and if you trust and believe in us then you can trust and believe in our products when you don’t have the time to make food from scratch.

To learn more, visit happyfamilybrands.com!