Halloween Character Scavenger Hunt Upper West Side on Oct 31st

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To help replace trick or treating this year, NYC mom Elizabeth Flisser Rosman created a Halloween Character Scavenger Hunt.  57 participating schools, businesses, apartment buildings, and public service agencies have volunteered on the UWS to hide one of the 5 characters (Pat the Pumpkin, Ben the Bat, Cal the Cat, Sally the Spider, Gabby the Ghost) in their windows and they are visible from the street. You do not (should not) have to go into the store.

Elizabeth’s Tips:

  • Put on your costumes (and masks) and go hunting on Halloween this Saturday on October 31st!
  • Attached is a list of participating UWS windows.  There is also attached a list with the characters that can be printed so the kids can circle who they see.
  • Also, there’s a suggested game where you reward your hunters when you get home by giving them candy for each character found (worth different points). We wish you well and hope that there are a lot more treats than tricks in the rest of 2020.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Flisser and Lauren Brody Smith for sharing this amazing Scavenger Hunt with New York Family readers, the work that was put into this shows how moms have each other backs when it comes to our kids and celebrating these fun holidays!

UWS Socially Distanced Scavenger Hunt

Suggested Candy Rewards

UWS Scavenger Hunt List of Locations