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Those old, empty Capri Sun juice pouches are now put to a good use.

TerraCycle reuses food packaging and turns the plentiful trash into lunch coolers, backpacks and other perfect for back-to-school products such as pencil cases and notebooks.

Kids can even start their own TerraCycle Brigade by collecting their used wrappers from lunch, mailing them in, and, in the process, earn cash for their school. For every piece of packaging TerraCycle receives, the Brigade will be awarded two points, which can be put toward buying a specific charity gift, or be converted to money and used as a fund raiser for the school.

And, of course, you can support the green cause by buying their upcycled products.

TerraCycle drink pouch totes or messenger bags, $8.99-$14.99. For products, visit For more info about recycling and fund raising, visit

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