Great South Bay YMCA Debuts Boga Fit Classes

Great South Bay YMCA debuted its Boga Fit classses this October. Boga Fit is a combination of yoga, pilates, and conditioning that is conducted on Boga Fit Mats, aquatic floating fitness mats, suspended in a swimming pool. The Boga board is halfway between a paddle board in size and support and a yoga mat in texture and comfort. 

Each mat is held upright in the water by tethers that attach the front and back of the board to lane marker buoys in the pool. Each workout is designed for people ages 15 and older, with plans to expand to a children’s program for kids ages 8-10 in February. 

If you do lose your balance and fall off the board, have no fear. “Honestly, it’s quite refreshing,” says Despina Tenedoria, health and wellness director and enhance fitness regional coordinator for Great South Bay YMCA. “You are sweating without even realizing it because you are working so many muscles just to stay stable, that a little fall in the pool is honestly welcomed.”

There are currently five classes of Boga being offered weekly, each with different fitness focuses and times. There is Boga lates (with a focus on pilates moves), a Boga bootcamp (which emphasizes cardio and more intense fitness), a Boga beginner class (for learning the basics), and Boga Fit (that incorporates the basics of conditioning and good fitness practices). There times range from 8am to 7:30pm depending on the class and day, which allows for great availability.

I have people who have M.S. (multiple sclerosis) working on their balance and core,” Tenedoria says. “Not falling in once during the class!” 

Membership rates vary by package, with options for children and family memberships. For those who want to try before you buy, drop-in classes are less than $15. Great South Bay YMCA is located at 200 W. Main St, Bay Shore. For more information visit the YMCA Long Island website or call 631-665-4255.