GODIVA Chocolate Opens Their First U.S. Cafe in New York City

godiva interior

GODIVA opens their first U.S cafe here in the U.S., and it is only the beginning of this premium chocolate haven!

Today marks the first day that GODIVA opens their deluxe chocolate cafe at 560 Lexington Avenue. This location has it all if you want to drop in for a golden cup of coffee or want to nibble on some sweet and savory treats. It’s a perfect place for the parents to refuel and for the kiddos to load up on treats (with parents’ permission of course)! This one-stop shop is perfect to bring your family if you are in the area and need a sweet pick-me-up! If you haven’t visited already, take a peek at these photos and what they have on the menu below—super enticing!


Fun fact—GODIVA is truly international with stores in China, Belgium, Japan, the Middle East, and now, New York (lucky us)! With a location now in the heart of New York City, the company has spruced up its menu and refreshed its design for this U.S. launch. In addition, we can also expect by the end of 2019 to see 10 more locations pop up in New York State, with a plan to expand to 2,000 locations worldwide, and 400 of those in the Americas. For those chocolate lovers out there—this is pure bliss!

Sweetest Menu

GODIVA prides itself for its quality that it offers to its consumers. After New York Family got to chat with Thierry Muret, executive chef chocolatier, we really got a sense of the love that goes into these crafted treats. From Muret going into depth about the layers of their airy croissants to showing us what a quality coffee bean looks like, every detail of these drinks and menu options were carefully thought out for people to marvel over their deliciousness. After trying these treats out first hand at the new cafe, it was no joke—pure goodness!

Now to give you a tour of the menu highlights…

godiva croiffle

Croiffle: a GODIVA croissant pressed into a hot waffle with six different savory and sweet versions.

Ham & Swiss $5.95

Three Cheese $4.95 (Gruyere, Havarti and Swiss Cheese)

Bacon, Egg & Gouda $5.95

Sausage, Egg, and Gruyere $5.95

Dark Chocolate $5.95

Milk Chocolate $5.95

godiva liege waffle

Belgian Liege Waffle: a waffle made with pearl sugar that caramelizes when the sugar hits the iron that makes a crisp and rich waffle.

Belgian Waffle $6.45

Belgian Waffle with Dark Chocolate Drizzle $6.95

Belgian Waffle with Milk Chocolate Drizzle $6.95

godiva waffle bites

Mini Belgian Waffle Bites: The little guy of the classic waffle.

Powdered Sugar Mini Belgian Waffle Bites $6.45

Cinnamon Sugar Mini Belgian Waffle Bites $6.45

godiva cookies

White Raspberry Oatmeal Cookie + Dark Chocolate Lava Cake Cookie: these cookies pretty much say it all—the white raspberry is scented with almond and filled with a delicious raspberry inside, and the rich dark chocolate lava cake cookie has a ganache filling with powdered sugar sprinkles on top!

White Raspberry Oatmeal Cookie $4.95

Dark Chocolate Lava Cake Cookie $4.95

godiva strawberry chocolixir

Chocolixir: a decadent cold blended drink that comes in seven variations: Cold Brew, Caramel Crunch, Milk chocolate, Dark
chocolate, Strawberry, Hazelnut Praline, OREO®.

12 oz. $6.95

16 oz. $7.95

godiva affogato

Affogato: GODIVA’s Signature Blend Espresso poured over GODIVA Soft Serve and finished with whipped cream and a chocolate square.

Affogato Dark $6.95

Affogato Vanilla $6.95

Affogato Swirl $6.95

godiva coffee

Signature GODIVA Mocha: with GODIVA Signature Blend Espresso is combined with GODIVA Dark Cocoa and steamed milk, then topped with whipped cream, cocoa powder and a dark chocolate square.

12 oz. $4.45

16 oz. $5.25

Iced Latte: GODIVA’s Signature Blend Espresso is combined with milk and then poured over ice.

12 oz. $4.25
16 oz. $4.95


Open daily: 6am-9pm

Location: 560 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022 (corner of 50th Street and Lexington)

Phone Number: 212-980-9810


For more information on GODIVA, visit godiva.com

Katarina is the digital editor for New York Family and loves chocolatey sweets. 

Our refreshments and treats were complimentary but all thoughts and opinions are our own.