Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Best Cookbooks for Families

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Best Cookbooks for Families
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Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Best Cookbooks for Families

Even though the holidays seem far in the future, gifts are already flying off of the shelves! Cookbooks are always a great option to gift any of your family members because it is one they can continue to use all year long and it will give them fun meal ideas to try that the whole family can enjoy together! Before heading to the store to try to find the best cookbook for families, here are some of our top picks for this holiday season.

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The Weekday Vegetarians By Jenny Rosenstrach

If you are a vegetarian or are just looking for a meatless meal to try, go out and grab The Weekday Vegetarians cookbook! In this book you will find 100 family-friendly recipes that will show you creative ways to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. The Weekday Vegetarian also gives you tips on how to spice up vegetables that you tend to eat regularly. $32.50.

Eating Out Loud By Eden Grinshpan

Named as one of the best books of the year from Delish and Library Journal, Eating Out Loud gives you different meals to try that come from author Eden Grinshpan’s Israeli heritage. Learn how to mix and match traditional spices and flavors into something that you haven’t tasted before! $32.50.

A Year of Simple Family Food By Julia Busuttil Nishimura

Julia Busuttil Nishimura believes (like many families do) that sitting down and eating a meal together is important, no matter how busy your schedule seems to be. In order to achieve this goal, she has come up with a cookbook that has recipes that are both simple and seasonal. This cookbook will also help you get more ideas on how to use seasonal ingredients in your cooking. $24.49.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook By Deb Perelman

This cookbook has been named a New York Times bestseller and continues to be one that many families pick up to get ideas for meals! The author, Deb Perelman, has never had any professional restaurant experience and has learned all she knows from spending time in her Manhattan kitchen. The recipes that she includes are ones that you will want to continue to make over and over again. $35.

The No-Fuss Family Cookbook By Ryan Scott

Emmy Award–winning celebrity chef Ryan Scott knows a thing or two about how crazy it can be to make a meal the entire family will love. To ease some of your stress when it comes to meal time, The No-Fuss Family Cookbook includes recipes that are constantly being made in Scott’s house and ones that are easy to make that kids will love. $30.

Once Upon a Chef, the Cookbook By Jennifer Segal

Are you trying to take your cooking skills up a notch? Well Once Upon a Chef will teach you how while giving you ideas for new meals to try! You will find 100 perfected and family approved meals that will teach you how to enhance your cooking skills. From family dinner ideas to fun desserts, this book has it all. $29.95.

Simply Julia By Julia Turshen

Julia Turshen is no stranger when it comes to making a successful cookbook that everyone loves! This new cookbook will help you and your family cook delicious comfort meals with a healthy twist. $24.99