• Get Sticky And Tasty On National Sticky Bun Day

    Celebrate National Sticky Bun Day on February 21 by trying all of these different preparations of the delicious dish!

    By New York Family



    Sticky buns come in so many different shapes and sizes, yet remain effortlessly tasty with every single bite. And today, February 21, we want to celebrate the sticky bun in all its glory, for it is National Sticky Bun Day! Did you ever think something so beautiful could happen?  There are all different ways you can eat sticky buns, so we wanted to highlight those for you!

    The Cinnamon Bun. Is it even possible to not think about Cinnabon when reading or writing “cinnamon bun?” We don’t think so.  Anyway, the cinnamon bun has the perfect balance of sweet, sticky, and just pure delight. It’s a hoot being able to unravel the layers and expose more cinnamon and more sweetness! Here’s a Pinterest recipe for a delicious make-your-own version to have at home.

    The Pull-Apart Sticky Bun. This is a step up from the classic bun and turns it into a sharing act (obviously nobody says you have to share, just an idea). This puts the bun in a smaller, more condensed form while still providing the rich taste and stickiness you crave. Here’s a pull-apart recipe for your liking!

    The Sticky Bun Monkey Bread. Okay, who doesn’t love monkey bread?! And we already know sticky buns are a must, so why not combine the two? Give monkey bread some added flavors and consistencies, and bam, we’ve got ourselves a masterpiece that will be gone way too quickly. This could also be seen as something to share with loved ones, but again, go in by yourself to see the damage you can do! Try to cure your own sweet tooth with this recipe! 

    The Pecan Sticky Bun. This is a favorite classic for those who love pecans, which happens to be a majority of human beings. There’s no going wrong or messing anything up when it comes to the pecan bun, because that crunch with that flavor… come on, this must be what heaven tastes like. Whip up your own here!

    The Caramel Sticky Bun. To throw in a varied flavor, caramel fits right in seamlessly with the stickiness and deliciousness. The caramel taste simply elevates this already elegant dish and turns it into a brand-new dessert! While we’re at it, might as well combine all three flavors, making a caramel, pecan cinnamon bun. Now THAT is creativity and hunger talking. Cook up some caramel buns here! 

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