Fridge No More: The Best of the Best in Groceries


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Planning a trip to the grocery store is always a full event, especially with kids. Next thing you know, you’re running late to your little one’s basketball game with a full cart of pop tarts and other sugary snacks that you and your kids definitely did not need. If only there was a way to skip the trip and have the groceries delivered to you in no time. But wait…there is! Fridge No More is here to make our lives as NYC parents a whole lot easier with 15-minute grocery delivery, totally free with no minimum and no subscription.

The Best of the Best in Groceries

Fridge No More not only has you covered with the basics—think snacks and staples—but also stands out for its premium selection of groceries: farm fresh produce, seafood, meat, pasta, baked goods, baby products, pharmacy goods, and more. Any items that don’t meet your freshness standards are replaced or refunded in 15 minutes or less. 

Low Cost, Speedy Delivery

You may be thinking: this sounds too good to be true. Fridge No More’s low prices are made possible because its stores don’t allow walk-in shoppers: they’re smaller than traditional supermarkets, so they require fewer employees to operate. What’s super cool about the small size of these stores is that they can tailor their products to the neighborhood, so if the store is located in a family-centric neighborhood, then they’ll offer more products geared towards families. 

But how do you get your groceries in just 15 minutes? It definitely helps that all stores are in the middle of your neighborhood with a delivery radius of less than one mile. Beyond that, Fridge No More has advanced software that allows packers to find things as quickly as possible. 

Progressive Values  

These days when we shop, we want to be supporting the places that support others and are dedicated to good causes. Fridge No More is environmentally-conscious, using sustainable nonwoven polypropylene bags and reusing them at least four times before recycling. And in terms of workplace culture, they do not hire gig workers: packers and couriers are hired either part-time or full-time. All employees receive benefits, a competitive hourly wage, and have the opportunity to grow within the company.   

Get Started with Fridge No More

Fridge No More zones include 10+ neighborhoods across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, with plans to launch in a total of 100+ new neighborhoods by the end of 2021—so if it’s not in your neighborhood yet, you can expect it soon!

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