Spooky, Fun-Filled Friday The 13th Activities

NYC Ghost Tour

Friday the 13th has always been an unofficial “holiday” throughout the years; movies, books, and stories have turned the day into one to watch out for. The number 13 has long-been associated with bad luck: It is considered just beyond completeness, as there are 12 months in a year, 12 tribes of Israel, and even 12 disciples of Jesus. If you are someone who is superstitious or even if you’re a skeptic, you have to agree that diving into the spooky vibe of Friday the 13th is always a fun alternative to your typical Friday, especially when you can get your children in on the fun as well. Throughout Manhattan, there are events going on in honor of the not-so-lucky day, and you can even bring the fun into your own home. Check out some of these must-dos in order to have a day full of spookiness.