French Football Academy Summer Day and Residential Camps: Get Outside & Active this Summer!

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With the beautiful & sunny weather right now in NYC, we all have summer on our minds. But as NYC parents, when they think of summer, they’re not exactly imagining poolside mimosas and beach vacays (well, maybe a little…): they’re thinking about summer camp! Finding the right camp for our kiddos can certainly be tricky in a city that has oh-so-many camps to choose from. If you’re looking for a camp where your kids will stay active this summer, then look no further because they got the scoop on the French Football Academy summer camps on Randall’s Island and Brooklyn Pier 5, as well as their 1-week residential camp at The Storm King School!

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First up is Randall’s Island — here’s the rundown. There are three 1-week sessions being offered this summer: June 21-25, August 16-20, and August 23-27. Camp is open to boys and girls ages 5-15. The great thing about the 1-week sessions is that your kiddo can try out the camp to see if they like it, and if they do, then sign up for the other weeks, and if not, no worries because there is no long-term commitment! This is the perfect 1-week camp to pair with some of the other day camps on your radar. As NYC parents, we know how picky our kids are– they get bored quickly, so they build their summers with day camps in sports, arts, academics etc. to keep them entertained and stimulated. French Football Academy camps on Randall’s Island should 100% be on your camp list! Full week is $495 and one-day (if you want to sign up for just one day of the week) is $100.

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French Football Academy knows how important conveniency is — you have to be able to easily drop our kids off and pick them up, all within busy NYC schedules. Luckily, French Football Academy also offers camps in Brooklyn at Brooklyn Pier 5. There are four 1-week sessions being offered this summer: July 5-9, July 12-16, July 19-23, and July 26-30. Camp is open to boys and girls ages 5-14. Is your little one a soccer star? Does your child love being outside and getting active? Well the best part about the camps at Brooklyn Pier 5 is that they run throughout July, so if your child is begging to return to French Football Academy, then they can play soccer with their friends almost every weekday of July! Full week is $495 and one-day is $100.

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Now you may be wondering what your kiddo will do all day at camp. Well French Football Academy has a packed but exciting schedule to keep your kids engaged from start to finish. Generally speaking, in the morning your kids will be led through drills and small-sided games for the topic of that specific day, whether it be passing, dribbling, shooting etc. Then after lunch, each group is put into a larger game scenario where the coaches see if the players can implement what they learned in the morning.

If you’re looking for a sleep-away experience instead of a day camp, then French Football Academy has you covered with the residential camp at The Storm King School. Camp runs June 28-July 2, open to boys and girls ages 8-16. In addition to soccer sessions outside on the fields, your kids will have plenty of social activities like movie screenings and game nights, classroom sessions to learn about nutrition, stretching, and more, 3 meals a day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a tournament on the final day of camp. Residential camp costs $1,195 with discounts available, $550 without the overnight stay component, and $150 for a day pass.

At all of the French Football Academy summer camps, your kids will learn a whole lot more than how to play soccer; they’ll make new friends, build confidence, develop teamwork skills, and have a ton of fun. Curious to learn more about these camps? Check out the fffacademy.com/camps-2 to get all the info you need and register!

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