Fox News Moms Share Advice To New Mothers In Time For Mother’s Day

FOX & Friends

Mother’s Day is the one day we give extra thanks to those special women in our lives who handle the unmanageable, love unconditionally, and probably get very little sleep! Being a mom is no easy feat, and a lot of pregnant and new mothers feel pressure, anxiety, and have general worries over this whole “mothering” thing. Recently, all the new mamas at “FOX & Friends” came together in co-host Abby Huntsman’s NYC apartment with their children to share advice and tips they’ve all come to know from their own experiences!

With regards to advice for new mothers who really are just doing their best to balance it all, Abby Huntsman says “taking that time for yourself makes you a better mom. Sometimes you think ‘I can’t leave and I’m a bad mom,’ but it is okay to realize you need to take some time for yourself. It’s healthy.” This is very relevant to how so many moms feel today with the rise of social media, and how it forces many to feel like they must prove their prowess publicly. It’s comforting to know that sometimes it’s totally fine to just exist and relax.

“It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, because mine are 9 and 7 and it is still the same. You’re doing the best you can,” Janice Dean adds. “My advice is, take the advice, but then do what’s right for you guys.” A lot of moms forget that yes, they are in charge, and they don’t have to listen to age-old tales of how to properly mother their children. It’s time to make your own rules and parent the way that feels natural in your own life and family.

Both of these women offered sound words of advice that really take that pressure off of having to be this perfect idea of a mother, because let’s face it, perfect isn’t real! And these television moms will be the first to tell you that even if it looks like they have it all together on TV, that’s not always the case back at home with the little ones! So, take this Mother’s Day to appreciate yourself, relax, and maybe even sneak a little nap in, too!

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