• Food Network Mamas Dish On Their New Show “Let’s Eat!”

    Food Network’s newest show “Let’s Eat!” stars Brandi Milloy, Jamika Pessoa, and Stuart O’Keeffe as they whip up delicious meals every Sunday morning!

    By Alex Taylor
    Food Network

    Food Network

    If you’re like most of America, you probably indulge in watching Food Network shows that leave you wildly hungry and wishing you were as talented as the chefs on TV! Well, a brand-new show titled “Let’s Eat!” that premiered on August 12 goes beyond the normal boundaries of a cooking show, leaving you just as hungry, but inspired too!

    “Let’s Eat!” features Brandi Milloy, Jamika Pessoa, and Stuart O’Keeffe as they create signature dishes as well as Instagram-famous ones. In addition to hosting this new upbeat Food Network show, both Milloy and Pessoa are loving mothers I had the pleasure of speaking with!

    Off the bat, it’s clear these two are close. From finishing each other’s sentences to cutting each other off to make little jokes, the energy is palpable. Plus, it’s clear they’re both extremely passionate about the show and its mission to deliver something special to viewers every week.

    “I’m calling the show the most fun and delicious 30 minutes on Sunday morning you will ever have,” Pessoa states. Milloy adds, “Each of us brought about 30 recipes to the table, recipes that we cook for our families and friends. And I hope that people will want to hang out with us every Sunday!”

    Milloy notes that these recipes are meant for parents and children, so nothing is off-limits. “These recipes are so simple that children can get involved,” Milloy says. Pessoa adds that one bread recipe has kids “mix all the ingredients and knead it inside of a plastic bag. So, I give the bag to my 2-year-old daughter and have her shake up the ingredients and just have fun with it! I always call it busy work for little fingers.”

    Food Network

    Food Network

    Milloy and Pessoa both have little girls, Milly and Sasha, respectively. When asked if their mini chefs were drawn to food and want to be involved in the kitchen, Pessoa interjects, “Brandi’s daughter is! She’ll eat anything!” Milloy explains that “Milly loves to eat. She just turned 1 and we did baby-led feeding, so around 6 months we introduced real food. She’s been eating cold salmon, sweet potatoes, and grilled broccoli!”

    “Milly eats like a sophisticated lady,” Pessoa laughs. Which is admirable, because even adults have problems getting in their daily dose of broccoli.

    As for Pessoa’s 2-year-old daughter Sasha, she has a different approach to food. “She is the pickiest eater. I give her food and she takes the spoon, but there’s nothing on the spoon, and says ‘Mmm, tasty!’ and I’m like, ‘You didn’t eat anything!’” Pessoa laughs. This little chef already has a career as an actress! “She’s in her highchair when I’m cooking and we count and do colors with the food.” Even these small things engage little ones with mealtime, which goes a long way when introducing new foods to the table.

    Beyond recipes, Pessoa and Milly note that “Let’s Eat!” provides tips and tricks that make cooking at home easier. “We don’t just cook; we do a lot of fun tips and hacks to kind of cut down on time.,” Pessoa says. “We have fun with the food, but I think a lot of people will get some takeaways of, ‘Oh, I didn’t think about that, I’ll do that next time!’”

    These hilarious mamas are definitely cooking up something good on “Let’s Eat!” so don’t miss out! It airs every Sunday morning at 11am on the Food Network.

    Keep up with recipes and episodes by visiting foodnetwork.com/shows/lets-eat and following @FoodNetwork on Instagram!

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