Fairfield Dance Studio Opens New Eco-Friendly Location

Flash Pointe Dance Studio, located in Fairfield, recently opened a new, eco-friendly location. The new studio re-used or donated existing materials from the original structure, as well as the previous facility. And, with the new studio, Flash Pointe Dance is able to offer more classes.
Flash Pointe Dance Studio grand opening” src=”http://cityguideny.com/uploads2/77740/Flash-Pointe-Dance.jpg” alt=”Flash Pointe Dance Studio grand opening” width=”300″ height=”219″ />
The grand opening featured “Smash” choreographer Josh Bergasse,
pictured here with dancer Carina Bunn.

Flash Pointe Dance opened a new eco-friendly facility that would make environmentalists proud. “As a mother of four children, it’s my duty to not load up the world with trash,” says Victoria Carey, founder of Flash Pointe Dance. With recycling bins for paper, glass, and plastics and two water bottle refilling stations posted around the studio to urge dancers to bring their own reusable water bottles, she’s doing a good job encouraging dancers to be green, too. Flash Pointe Dance also re-used or donated existing materials from the original structure, as well as the previous facility, to cut down on waste.

The new facility has more space, which allows for more classes to take place concurrently, including convenient adult classes that occur at the same time as preschool dance classes in the morning. Carey says she is also “excited to be expanding adult dance and fitness programs and looking forward to utilizing [the] black box for in-studio performances and community activities.”

Flash Pointe Dance offers classes to recreational dancers, competition dancers, and college and professional-bound dancers, as well as adults who want to continue their education or “simply want to experience the joy of dance,” Carey says.