Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

These kids thank their superintendent for snow days in the best way: Through hilarious tweets. (Huffington Post)

For the mom who desires to make new friends, take a look at this app. (Mashable)

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about local dad and celeb chef Anthony Bourdain. (The New Yorker)

If you’re the parent of a fussy toddler, then these tantrum tips are just for you. (The Stir)

Kids can be a handful, but these teachers find the funny in all the frenzy (BuzzFeed).

As part of their No Babies Unhugged promise, Huggies has released a new line of little diapers catering to the smallest of newborns to promote preemies’ healthy growth and protect their delicate skin. (Mommy Nearest)

A flight attendant noticed the drastic difference in two passengers traveling together, a well-dressed man and a dirty-looking girl. She used a brilliant method to rescue the girl being trafficked. (Mommyish)

Different strokes for different folks captures the spirit of this stay-at-home dad’s story. (Washington Post)

Get ready to swoon over the adorable love story between local parents and STATE Bags founders Jacq and Scott Tatleman. (MINIMODE)