Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

Whitney Port. Photo via People

Former “Hills” star Whitney Port has finally showed the world her adorable newborn son ! She and husband Tim Rosenman welcomed their first child on July 27. (People)

We all love that newborn smell but did you know it’s really a survival tactic for them? Research has developed a new study on the correlation between the yummy little baby smell and why it’s important for them. (New York Magazine)

Country singer Tyler Hubbard from the duo Florida Georgia Line has announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child together! They weren’t expecting it was a girl for months as they thought it was a boy but guess what? The blood test was wrong all along. (E! Online)

Who says kids only ever eat chicken tenders and fries? Real Simple put together 50 of the best recipes that incorporate veggies and fruits into delicious hands-on activities. From appetizers to desserts, this recipe guide has it all. (Real Simple)

Gorgeous mama Hilary Duff is taking on body-shamers and encouraging other women and moms to love their bodies. Go girl! (Mommyish)

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Grab some tissues, as your Monday will get a bit teary-eyed. This little girl has just reunited with her missing cat of three years. No one can hold back the tears as you watch her get excited to finally hug her cat Cursor. (TODAY)

When science and children’s books collide you get the best educational lesson on anything your child’s mind will worry about. “When the Sun Goes Dark” has just hit the shelves explaining to kids why the solar eclipse happens and how it works. Pick one up for your little astronomer to enjoy! (Space)

File this under “super weird” — it’s called the toothpaste pregnancy test (aka: It’s a DIY pregnancy test) and we don’t think we’d recommend it. (Mommy Nearest)