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    Mahershala Ali’s Oscar shoutout to his wife and baby + Domino Kirke’s secret wedding + The benefits of making your own baby food + More

    By Elyse Carmosino, Jiazhen Zhang, Mia Weber

    Photo via Vanity Fair

    Who else was melting when “Moonlight” actor Mahershala Ali shouted out to his wife who had just given birth as he accepted his Best Supporting Actor Oscar? (Vanity Fair)

    Congrats to NYF cover-mom and doula Domino Kirke on her recent surprise wedding to Penn Badgley! (People)

    As it turns out, baby gifts from Barack and Michelle Obama are as classy as it gets. (Mommyish)

    A newly invented, yet controversial, baby pillow might help a lot of young moms catch a break when their babies can’t stop crying. (Mashable)

    The crazy lies these parents told their kids is the stuff hilarious childhood memories are made of. (BuzzFeed)

    This 5-year-old child took the art of costumes to a whole other level as she dressed up as famous black activists and posed as their iconic photos. (Huffington Post)

    Have you tried making your own baby food? Turns out, according to recent studies, that homemade may be better for babies. (Mommy Nearest)

    We never get tired of hearing from Jessica Alba! Catch up what she’s been up to as a businesswoman and mama! (Rockets of Awesome)

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