Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

The royal family is heading to NYC next month.

New York City is about to get a taste of royal fever! That’s right — Prince William, Kate Middleton (and glowing and growing baby bump), and baby Prince George have booked their tickets to NYC next month! We love this imaginary itinerary for the royal fam! (New York Daily News)

With the help of today’s mommy media frenzy, the pressure to be a perfect, “all in, all the time” parent has never been higher. One mom pushes back, calling all those with little ones to bring balance back to parenthood. (New York Times)

We know how important it is for parents to teach their kids the “golden rule.” However some celebrity households may have a different view of what this is. According to supermodel Heidi Klum, the number one rule for her kids is “to always look cool.” (Perez Hilton)

Stage of Life CEO Eric Thiegs and his adorable daughters created this cute holiday “horror” film as part of a quest for festive weekend fun. (YouTube)

Moms, take a few minutes to take a fun quiz and find out what decade your motherhood style puts you in! Are you from a cool era or a not-so-cool one? (The Stir)

Fueling the movement to respect a woman’s right to breastfeed in public–and proving that there’s no limit to what a determined woman can accomplish while still being a great mom, one young mother’s awesome photo that shows her breastfeeding her son while in her college graduation robes is going viral. (Yahoo Parenting)

Ever wondered if you and your parents would have been friends if you were the same age? Check out these amazing images one woman photoshopped to satisfy her lifelong curiosity. (TODAY)

Actor and screenwriter, Jason Segel, has teamed up with author Kirsten Miller to produce Nightmares! Inspired by Segel’s personal experiences with bad dreams growing up, this new novel explores how kids can overcome fear with bravery. (Time for Kids)

One community of Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn’s Borough Park is grappling with how to effectively approach childhood sexual abuse claims–all within their longstanding community laws and traditions and with minimal secular authority involvement. What do you think about the issue? (The New Yorker)

Looking for a laugh? Watch this adorable video of a family dog’s reaction to the family’s baby girl bouncing in her doorway jumper. (TODAY)


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