Family Reading List: Five Top Picks From Chronicle Books

AA Family Reading - FEChronicle Books, a San Francisco based independent American publisher of books for adults and children, recently introduced their Spring 2015 collection of books. To help you gear up for a great year of reading ahead, we have picked out our top five books that we highly recommend for 2015.

Here’s a sneak peek at the books Chronicle Books will be offering next spring!

Star Wars Epic Yarns by Jack & Holman Wang

Star Wars Epic Yarns can be enjoyed by Star Wars Fans of all ages. The creators of the series specifically selected 12 iconic scenes to be featured on each volume. What is so fascinating about this book series is that each scene is handcrafted in felt and is accompanied by a single word. The attention to detail is eye-opening and the series is truly a one of its kind.

Pool by Ji Hyeon Lee

This beautifully illustrated wordless picture book tells a story of a journey of two shy kids who meet at a crowded swimming pool for the first time. Through their imagination and willingness to explore, the two children find themselves encountering surprising moments just from what started off as a simple swimming pool. The crowded swimming pool turns into a magical aquatic adventure. This book reminds us that friendship can always make simple things more exciting through various imaginations.

Extraordinary People by Michael Hearst

If you want to learn about some of the world’s most fascinating people throughout history, then this is the book you should definitely read. Inside this book, you will find awesome stories of 50 extraordinary people such as Bruce Lee, Helen Thayer, Roy Sullivan, and more.

Elena Vanishing by Clare B. Dunkle

This is a great book for teenage girls. It is a true story of a 17-year-old girl called Elena who is fighting Anorexia Nervosa over a five year period. Elena co-wrote this memoir with her mother, an award-winning author, Clare B. Dunkle. This book is an intimate look at a deadly disease that teaches young girls about eating disorder. It also prepares girls to really help friends or family who may be suffering from this serious psychological disorder.

Origami Play House by Huy Voun Lee

Who said books are only about words and pictures? Books can also get you to be crafty. Origami Playhouse is one of many Chronicle books that allows you to physically make stuff. This book comes with instructions that teaches you how to make furniture for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room out of colorful origami papers. After you are done making all the necessary furniture you need for the rooms, you can lay out the furniture in the rooms however you want it.

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