Expert Carpet Cleaning Tips for Families

Getting your carpet clean can be quite the challenge. Between dust and spills it may seem like an impossible task. Expert, Ben Shemesh, offers up his tips for getting your carpet clean enough for your little ones to lay on. 

Vacuuming is the most obvious way to clean your carpet, but make sure you start from the corner farthest from the door. Walk back toward tge direction of the doorway as you vacuum. This process leaves the room free of footprints, and the vacuumed carpet looks tremendous. 

When accidents occur on the carpet, acting quickly is the best remedy. Even water based paint can be removed when attacked at the onset. Grab cleaning cloths, terry towels, and a container of water. Use dry terry towels to blot the stain, apply water, and use dry towels to blot the stain until it is removed completely. Several applications may be required. A spill left for any length of time can cause a permanent stain, or the need to have a professional carpet cleaner remove it. Quick action can erase the evidence. 

If something is spilled, be sure to scrape or blot it. Do not rub or scrub a spill. The stain will spread and push deeper into the carpet. Apply stain remover or water from the outside to the center of the stain. Test a small inconspicuous spot before using a stain remover just to make sure it’s comaptible with your carpet.

Parents may worry a great deal about the cleaniness of their carpets when bringing a new baby home. Having carpets professionally cleaned before a baby arrives, is a good idea. Choose a carpet cleaner who uses a low-water process and non-toxic products to clean carpet.

Babies will crawl on the floor and put toys in their mouths that have been on the carpet. Some carpet cleaning solutions pose health hazards. For instance, moisture can cause mold. Avoid the health risks by having carpets cleaned by specialists who know the correct products and cleaning techniques to produce child-safe carpet.

The carpet the baby will crawl on can absorb dust mites, allergens, and other tracked-in and airborne compounds. If carpet is already installed, pulling it up also has some health risks involved. The germ particles you attempt to avoid making contact with your baby, can be placed into the air by removing the carpet. To avoid the drastic measure of pulling up a carpet that was installed, place area rugs made from natural, organic fibers that are vegetable dyed over existing carpet.

Toxic cleaners can also have an impact on the environment of your home. Those include cleaners that are dumped, poured, rinsed, washed, or sprayed. Toxins disperse into the water and air and recycle back to us. Using certified, green products is advised. Green Seal and other organizations give approval to green products and indicate such on product labels.

Carpets are among the most used items in the home. Babies sit on them and pets lounge on them. It is important to avoid toxic chemicals that can become embedded in carpet fibers. Chemicals can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and rashes. Choose products that do not cause harm you, your babies, or a pet.

Organically cleaned carpets have no noxious fumes. The most beneficial aspect of organic carpet cleaning is the non-pollution to the environment. Potential mold growth is reduced or eliminated also.